Business Development Department

The Business Development Department of Vista Shimi Kimia is dedicated to identifying and expanding both domestic and international markets in the fields of paint, resin, and polymer industries. The department has been in operation since 2020 and focuses on monitoring industry trends.

Within this department, various ideas, driven by both Technology Push and Market Pull concepts, are received. These ideas undergo a process that includes writing a business model, determining different scenarios for execution, conducting pre-feasibility and then detailed feasibility studies.

Market research and industry analysis play a pivotal role in the feasibility study; professionals within the company utilize multiple reputable sources and various methodologies to uncover market gaps. During the Market Research phase, general market information, including supply and demand, major producers and consumers, understanding the business environment, market size estimation, pricing, and more, is collected and processed. Afterward, the production processes are examined, and optimal procedures are selected. Additionally, the accessibility of production technology and raw materials is assessed. The project in the next step is evaluated from an economic perspective. The financial structure of the project, comprising investment costs, production costs, revenue models, and sources of finance, is determined. Eventually various financial indexes such as Cash Flows, IRR, ROI, Net Present Value, Payback Period, and others, are calculated for decision-making. If the project’s feasibility is confirmed in terms of market, technical, and economic aspects, a Business Plan is developed. The next phase is commercialization in which products are successively developed from laboratory samples to semi-industrial (pilot) and industrial levels, meeting market standards and requirements. Following this, the product is delivered to the sales department to conduct a marketing study on it and plan the launch of the product in the market.

Essentially, Business Development Department manages the entire process from ideation to project implementation within the company. In the Business Development Department of Vista Shimi Kimia, efforts are made to identify strategic partners for technology development or product sales to find a Win-Win agreements for each. Accordingly, we extend a warm invitation to innovators who have succeeded in developing product technology within the chemical and polymer industries but require assistance to transform it into a real business.


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