Road marking

Road marking

Road markings can be produced by various resins depending on weather conditions, surface preparation, and application method.

VISTA SHIMI KIMIA offers a high-quality resins for road marking materials. Our specific resins for road marking are solvent-based Acrylic resin under the ACSHIMER® TRM tradename and MMA based resins under the ACSHIMER® KCP tradename.

These products were developed with many advantages, including fast curing, good elasticity and toughness, outstanding outdoor stability, excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete, and high abrasion resistance that ensure long-term durability and dirt pick up resistance for road markings.

These resins are based on (meth)acrylic monomers, and they are available in 1,2, and 3 component types.

         Our team has developed specific thermoplastic styrene acrylic resins for road markings in variable climate zone.